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We understand each property is unique, so we create tailored cleaning plans catering to your specific needs and preferences.

Welcome to Dust Bunnies, your reliable environmental cleaning company in Ontario. We are committed to delivering high-quality service to meet all your cleaning needs. Our approachable team is here to ensure your satisfaction on every entreaty, dust bunnies cleaning services company that are proven to be effective and efficient. By analyzing your office space or facility, we identify your specific cleaning needs. After this, we can customize a range of janitorial services to fit your unique cleaning requirements, including providing eco-friendly, accredited green commercial cleaning procedures, and the use of Green Seal-certified chemicals. No other janitorial company offers this level of customization at our low rates!

Why Chose us!

Our employees bring professional cleaning to another level! They bring their excellence to each and every home and office they clean.Our employees have a keen eye for detail to find the areas of your home that need a little extra attention. Whether it’s doing some extra straightening or getting into that narrow spot that has been missed, we know the little things go a long way! Our team sees the details and we make the most of our time cleaning your home.

1.Deep Cleaning

2.Kitchen Cleaning

3.Regularly scheduled cleaning

4.Move-in/Move-out cleaning

5.Post construction cleanup

Our Services

What can we clean for your today...!

Deephouse cleaning

Experience a spotless and revitalized living or working space with our comprehensive deep cleaning services. Dust Bunnies home solution delivers thorough and meticulous cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties in Ontario. Trust our highly trained and experienced professionals to transform your space with exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction.

What is deep cleaning?

It is an intensive and detailed cleaning that goes beyond regular or standard cleaning services. Deep cleaning removes dirt, grime, and dust from areas often overlooked during routine cleanings. Our service is designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning that leaves your home or office fresh and immaculate

Deep house cleaning process

Initial consultation: We first assess your property and understand your cleaning needs. This enables us to create a customized cleaning plan tailored to your space.

Professional equipment and supplies: Our team is equipped with advanced cleaning tools and eco-friendly supplies that ensure the highest standards of cleanliness while protecting your property and the environment.

Detailed cleaning: Our cleaning service covers every corner of your space, focusing on areas often neglected during regular cleaning. This includes:

  • Dusting and wiping of light fixtures, ceiling fans, and vents

  • Cleaning windowsills and blinds

  • Upholstery, rug, and carpet cleaning (offered separately)

  • Scrubbing and sanitizing bathroom and kitchen surfaces

  • Cleaning and disinfecting appliances inside and out (interior cleaning is optional)

  • Removing built-up grime from baseboards, door frames, and crown moldings

  • Washing and sanitizing trash cans

  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors and stairs

  • Wiping down picture frames

Deep Cleaning

Quality assurance: After completing the cleaning, our professional cleaners conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that all areas are spotless and meet our high standards.

Final walk-through: We offer a final walk-through with you to ensure complete satisfaction and address any concerns or areas that may need additional attention.

How much does deep cleaning cost?

Different houses have different costs based on layout and size. But typically, the service costs start at $200 for a 1-bedroom/1-bath apartment.


  • Remove cobwebs.

  • Dust and clean all surfaces.

  • Clean and scrub grout and tiles.

  • Wipe and disinfect mirrors.

  • Dust and clean vents.

  • Vacuum and clean baseboards.

  • Clean counters and sinks.

  • Clean and disinfect toilets- inside the bowl, outside surfaces, and behind

Regularly scheduled cleaning

We provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basic house cleaning to keep your home spotless and well-organized. The cleaning tasks involve mopping the floor, clearing clutter (optional), wiping down surfaces and windowsills, washing dishes (additional charges apply), and anything light cleaning the client requests.

Move-in / move-out services

Moving out is stressful in itself. You have to pack everything, move it into a truck, move into your new home, then unpack the boxes. Now what? You need to go back to your old home and perform a deep clean- especially since a security deposit is on the line. 

Hiring a dust bunnies will save you time, energy, and money. You might wonder what is included in a typical cleaning company  that offers move-out cleaning service. Before dealing with the checklist for a move-out cleaning, we recommend checking your apartment policy or asking your landlord for the cleaning checklist to ensure that you won’t miss anything.  

Generally, a standard move-out cleaning includes a thorough cleaning of every part of your home. All heavy traffic surfaces will be dusted and sanitized. Below is the detailed cleaning list of what to expect in your cleaning move-out service:

Bedroom and Common Areas

  • Dust and wipe door frames and doors.

  • Remove cobwebs.

  • Dust ceiling fans.

  • Wipe and disinfect mirrors.

  • Vacuum stairs and carpet.

  • Dust and wipe built-in shelves and other wall fixtures.

  • Mop floors.

  • Clean and dust baseboards.

Post construction cleanup...!

Whether building a house or renovating a room, completing a construction project is exciting. But for your project to be truly complete and your space ready for occupation, it needs detailed cleaning.

The construction dust and leftover materials like nails, glass, and wires must go. This is when post-construction cleaners are needed.

The cleaning is done in phases. Read on to discover these phases, why it’s important, and who to call for the job.

What is post-construction cleaning, and why is it important?

Post-construction cleaning is a service rendered to new or renovated buildings or spaces. From the name, it’s understood that cleaning happens after construction. While a construction company often picks up after themselves, they don’t do a detailed and thorough post-construction cleanup.

Aside from sweeping and mopping the floor and wiping down visible surfaces, a post-construction cleaning service crew does the following:

  • Cleaning the walls to remove marks, smudges, and dirt

  • Power washing frames and cleaning windows

  • Removing stickers from doors, windows, and furniture

  • Dusting and cleaning fans, ceilings, and heaters

  • Polishing floors free of debris

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Threshold cleaning

  • Trim cleaning

  • Cleaning appliances, shelves, and cabinets

  • Addressing leaks, loose wires, and other safety concerns to construction contractors

  • Checking details all over the house

After construction, the above steps are necessary to rid your space of trash and particles that could cause harm. For instance, silicates from materials used could cause lung damage if left to linger. In addition to safety concerns, post-construction cleaning is also important for the overall appearance and functionality of the site.

Stages of post-construction cleaning

This process typically involves several stages, each with unique challenges and requirements. Often, home projects need the final cleaning only since contractors might clean after themselves. But for a large-scale project, the cleaning includes three phases as below:

Phase 1: Rough clean

Despite being post-construction cleaning, professional cleaners should be with you during all phases.

Generally, rough cleaning is done before painting. At this stage, cleaner’s clear wet and solid debris and light sweep dirt from the floor in preparation for more renovation/construction work.

Since construction is still underway, deep cleaning isn’t necessary at this point. If cleaners find any defects, cracks, or damage, they’ll report them immediately for fixing. This prevents costly repairs down the line and ensures excellent construction results. After rough cleaning, construction workers can continue painting walls and installing cabinetry and sinks, and other remaining tasks.

Phase 2: Deep Clean

It’s also called thorough-up cleaning and requires efficient cleaning tools and equipment. During deep cleaning sessions, cleaners give windows, cabinets, sinks, toilets, and other installed furniture or items a thorough clean. Most architects and business owners consider professional post-construction cleaning services so that ceilings, air vents, and other hard-to-reach spots are handled.

Phase 3: Final clean

It’s also called touch-up cleaning. Most areas and surfaces have been cleaned by this time, so it’s done a couple of days or weeks after the renovation or construction work. This timeline gives the cleaning team enough time to prepare for the last cleaning phase. They inspect the walls, ceilings, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, interior floors, washrooms, sinks, toilets, windows, doors, and every corner of the home site or building to make sure is move-in ready.

Few cleaners are needed in this phase since the bulk of the work is already done. Most of the work involves dusting, wiping, and cleaning smudges and fingerprint marks from surfaces. After this phase, you can occupy your space.

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